Scholarship Process

Each application will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. Four applicants from each category will be selected.

The Athletic Scholarship recipients will be notified May 6, 2024 and Academic Scholarship recipients will be notified May 13, 2024.

You are urged to apply promptly and if you have questions about the
application or the scholarship process, please address them in writing by mail or by email at

These procedures are subject to review and alteration at any time. If any changes are adopted, we will notify you in writing or by posting information on our website.

***To claim your scholarship award, the recipient of the KAGlife Scholarship must mail a copy of the KAGlife Certificate presented to them and mail a copy of their school schedule, reflecting a contact person, address, and phone number. Please allow 7-10 business days for verification and processing time. Failure to provide the two requested documents will delay receipt of your award.***

Disclaimers: Family members are automatically disqualified from applying, including step-relatives.

A Senior student may only apply for one scholarship by choosing Academic or Athletic.

*** To avoid loss or delay, scholarship awards will ONLY be mailed to the recipient’s home address.***